BhFS offers workshops and seminars in behavioural finance as well as other areas of finance to professionals in private banking. We present basic concepts in behavioural finance, especially in the context of their application to financial decision-making. We also offer in-depth presentations to your executive staff, as well as technical presentations on our methodologies and concepts.

Basic seminar in behavioural finance

  • Decision theory
    From normative to descriptive decision models
    Behavioural risk preferences (loss aversion, uncertainty aversion, reference points, probability weighting)
  • Behavioural biases and investment mistakes
    Overconfidence, availability bias, mental accounting, etc.
    Excessive trading, disposition effect, house money effect, home bias
  • Classic and behavioural portfolio selection
    Two fund separation, time diversification, buy-and-hold, rebalancing
    Asset allocation puzzle, stock market non-participation puzzle, under-diversification, home bias
    Mental accounting, goal-based investing, myopic loss aversion


Video sessions on prospect theory